mateligent acquires EAP IP and production facility in the U.S.

Letzter beitrag

We are pleased to announce that with the acquisition of over 200 patents and the production from the U.S., together with our mateligent iDEAS GmbH, we are now one of the leading companies for electroactive polymers (EAP) in the world.

“A unique opportunity was offered to us, and we jumped at it. Without our roots at Saarland University and the years of preliminary work and networking of Prof. Stefan Seelecke, this success would not have been possible “, emphasizes our CEO Jens Preetz. “Once again it has become clear: Saarland does not have to hide and plays among the world’s best.” Our goal now is to further push this disruptive technology into various markets. In addition, we have already started the planning of a production facility for the mass production of EAP actuators and sensors in Saarland.

The EAP technology, or in particular the so-called dielectric elastomers, is a technology platform that opens up innovation in numerous application areas and different markets: Installation space, weight and energy consumption are enormously low. That’s because in an EAP system, energy is stored in between the electrodes and power is only needed when a change of state is required – unlike conventional systems, which often require permanent power supply. This makes EAP systems extremely energy-efficient – while the sensors or drives are only tenths of a millimeter thick.