Dielectric Elatomers How does it work?

What we do


No heating

Capacitive systems require almost 0 energy in the switched state. Therefore, the self-heating of the drives is negligible.

High energy efficiency

Only very low currents flow for a short time to generate motion, while positions can be kept almost currentless.

Sensorless position feedback

Changes in the position of the actuator immediately cause a change in the capacitance. The actuator is also the sensor.

High energy density

The low weight or volume, together with the physical condesatic principle of operation of the actuators, leads to a very high energy density. . Especially in proportional drives, the DE drive beats the electromagnet by far.

Silent operation

As you hear, you hear nothing! No blowing of compressed air, no metallic end stop, no whirring of the e-drive.

Lightweight systems

A few micrometer foil and printed electrode, the system is light as a feather

Low basic material costs

The basic materials of our technology are silicone and carbon black. Both are available in large quantities.

No rare earths

Desaar sensors and actuators are free of rare earths. This is not only cheaper, but also avoids supply bottlenecks and environmental pollution.

High design flexibility

Printing is a mass production process that enables extreme flexibility and thus adaptability to customer requirements.