Design of a DEA-based valve. A conventional valve body is to be controlled by a DE actuator. The valve can be opened and closed by applying an electrical voltage. In a demonstration setup, this actuator shall be used to block or allow air flow through the valve. The outflowing air is visualized by a smooth-running flap at the outlet of the valve (air flows  flap is opened by the air flow and "flutters")


The project impressively demonstrates the wide range of possible applications for DE actuators. In particular, for valve applications where large flows must be enabled in some cases (i.e. large strokes are required) and high pressures prevail at the same time (i.e. large force is required), a DE actuator can be an efficient solution.


DE actuator based on - Implementation of a novel actuator concept (floating actuator), which increases the force output of the actuator - Functional DE valve, consisting of DE actuator & commercial valve body.

Application areas

Pneumatic systems, hydraulics, automotive