Vibrating Feeder


A freely adjustable vibratory feeder that can feed various granules in extremely fine dosages with the help of actuators made of dielectric polymers, the DE actuators.


In productions where the material changes frequently, the DE actuator-based conveying system for granules and conveyed goods is very scalable. Since there are no set-up costs during changeover, the higher manufacturing costs are quickly amortized. The system shows its enormous strengths in speed, wide frequency band and low power consumption compared to electromagnetic vibrators. DE diaphragms and actuators can be operated up to the kHz range.


- Vibrating conveyor with DE drive,
- Freely adjustable in frequency from 1-100Hz.
- The size of the drive is very small compared to the standard vibrating magnets on the market


Loudspeaker, haptic display, feedback button, vibrating toy, acoustic surfaces


Sophie Nalbach